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In an alternate universe where alchemy reigns supreme, a secretary with a silver tongue, alongside an innocent farmgirl with an enchanted voice somewhat found their ways into the ranks of the greatest alchemy group in its time, The Arudite.

Amidst a miraculous out of the world discovery, the duo found themselves in an alchemical attempt to open a gateway to an alternate reality that went horribly wrong, transporting them into a brand new reality. Under the new alias ALTYR, Cinnia and Nious seek salvation and knowledge in this alternate reality in order to find a way home......

Head Alchemist

Cinnia  Antimony


Age: 28

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 58kg

Birthday: Oct.22

Fanname: Cinniabuns



Design artist: Kiku (Tetrapodsha)

Cinnia Antimony 定稿_Logo_border.png

A simple farm girl turned alchemistic Idol! She is a collected, albeit clumsy person who likes to try out new things and spread emotion and motivation through song and singing. Although you cannot ask her for your next great alchemical ingredient, she can empower the craft through music and share knowledge of her respective fields  of  interest instead.

Personal Secretary

Nious Heiramond


Age: 20 

Height: 185cm

Weight: 74.8kg

Birthday: May.2

Fanname: Heirs


Nious Heiramond 重製_Logo_border.png

Design artist: Ann (Tetrapodsha)

A high-class secretary turned college scholar. Never appears to be serious about the topics at hand, but gets immersed and emotional when playing games or reading fictions. Has an unique skill of always getting himself into troubles in the most astonshingly moronic way possible.

Though embedded deep in the ranks of the greatest alchemy team in the universe, Nious seems to lack any knowledge regarding alchemy... Though will happily oblige to discuss the most obscure literature topics possible.


Seems to possess an alter ego that only appears under certain situations...

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