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submission will open again in the future! 

the Vtuber club of Tetrapodsha,
has decided to open auditions for finding our English Vtubers!

We will provide a full set of services from management,
Live2D+3D character design modules for free to the Vtubers

who joined after passing our audition.

Q & A about submission

When does the audition start?

A: 7/30 at 20:00 pm (UTC+8)

The application form will be open until August 27th (Sat) and will be closed at 0:00 AM on the next day, August 28th.

For more details, please follow our Twitter.

Can I participate if I'm from overseas?

A: Yes, you can!

We'll be working together remotely online.

Is there any gender restriction for the audition?

A: No!

We are opening our audition to boys not only girls, as long as you have the ability to plan and manage events, and let us feel your passion to broadcast, you will get a chance to join us.

Before you submit...

🌊Live streaming and events will be performed fully in English, so you must be able to speak basic and fluent English!

🌊We are not a business, but a club, so please do not make this an officially paid job.

🌊We welcome weird people. (We are not an idol agency, so feel free to be yourself!)

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